Blue Origami Strategies

We work with you to create change that is visionary and beautiful

About Us

Our founder

Joel Foster has helped progressive organizations, labor unions, elected officials, and candidates gain and effectively utilize power for over two decades. 

Our philosophy

Building power doesn't happen in Washington, DC. It happens in Denver and Des Moines and Dallas, in Richmond and Reno. We believe in building power where it matters and doing it in a way that will last beyond a single election cycle.

Our specialties

We help build power in the following ways:

  • Ballot measure campaign consulting
  • Candidate campaign consulting
  • Organizational assessment and strategic planning
  • Strategic policy analysis
  • Longterm policy vision planning
  • Facilitation and training

What People Say...

"Joel Foster is one of the most capable and committed individuals that I have ever met.”

Daniel R. Ortega, Jr.


NCLR Action Fund 

“Joel has the ability to bring everybody onto the same page through their shared sense of purpose."

Paula Hodges

Former State Director

America Votes, New Hampshire

“You are incredible! The number of wow’s I got- you definitely know how to captivate your audience.”

Jennifer Schubach

Legislative Director

Minnesota AFL-CIO

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